106 Gold

REACH compliant pigment

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Give eyebrow colors a beautiful blonde tone with 106 Gold. Thanks to its inorganic component, this pigment makes other colors last longer. When lightening and warming up brown tones, choose 103 Orange for a dynamic, fresh look and 106 Gold for a natural, honey blonde result. The pigment is highly concentrated and very color-intensive. Therefore, mix this caramel Sahara shade carefully with other colors by adding it gradually with microbrush tips until you have achieved the desired color. The more 106 Gold you add, the lighter the brow color will be. Use it also for color blending in lip, camouflage and areola pigmentation to achieve a natural aesthetic.

Prepare 106 Gold carefully with the Pigment Shaker to ensure optimal homogenization before application.

Mixing tip 1

Application area: Brow
This dark mid-brown tone can be softened and bleached as desired by adding more 106 Gold.

Mixing tip 2

Application area: Brow
For a naturally beautiful medium blonde. Increase the gold content for lighter blonde tones.

Color: 106 Gold
Skin type: black, very dark brown, brown, dark brown, light, fair, light brown, light to olive, olive, moderate brown, very light, pale white
Chemical composition: contains iron oxide, inorganic
Coverage: strong coverage
Color depth: warm
Area of application: Mix Only