701 Wild Rose

REACH compliant pigment

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701 Wild Rose is an elegant, pink lip color with a cool-dark undertone. It can be used for all lip types and is ideal for those who want expressive lip pigmentation. Used sparingly and blended in with a fine pigmentation technique, the 701 Wild Rose looks soft and rosy. A more intense result is achieved accordingly through more pigment incorporation.

Mixing tip 1

Application area: Lip
This mixture gives a very nice velvet effect that intensifies the natural lip tone.

Mixing tip 2

Application area: Lip
A fresh shade that makes cool lips appear more vibrant.

Color: 701 Wild Rose
Skin type: brown, dark brown, light, fair, light brown, light to olive, olive, moderate brown, very light, pale white
Chemical composition: blend (Mix), contains iron oxide
Coverage: strong coverage
Color depth: cool
Area of application: Lip