103 Orange

REACH compliant pigment

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Our Pigment 103 Orange is produced pure without further color additives or fillers. It's very luminous due to its high concentration.. Therefore, it is too gaudy and inharmonious for pure use. 103 Orange warms up other shades, making it an ideal mixing color for lip, eyebrow and areola pigments.
To correct unwanted, blue-tinted areas, 103 Orange is used pure with a shading technique. In a follow-up session, the desired pigment color can be incorporated and develop its color strength without the influence of the old pigmentation. In cases where color correction can no longer be performed, professionals recommend removal using the SC Color Removal method.

Prepare Pigment 103 Orange well with the color shaker so that the color is homogenized in the best possible way before incorporation.

Mixing tip 1

Application area: Lip
For a very intense rosy effect for lips.

Mixing tip 2

Application area: Lip
For beautiful, natural lips with a warm undertone.


Color: 103 Orange
Skin type: black, very dark brown, brown, dark brown, light, fair, light brown, light to olive, olive, moderate brown, very light, pale white
Chemical composition: organic
Coverage: strong coverage
Color depth: warm
Area of application: Mix Only