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Image of the product 904 Pigment Sealer in a transparent pipette bottle 904 Pigment Sealer - 15 ml Item No.: 904
904 Pigment Sealer is applied to the pigmented areas after treatment.
Picture of the product 901 Pigment Solution in a transparent bottle 901 Pigment Solution - 15 ml Item No.: 901
For diluting all pigments. Creates different consistencies for lip shading or powder brows.
Image of the product 902 Pigment Performer in a transparent bottle 902 Pigment Performer - 15 ml Item No.: 902
Additive for a thicker and smoother consistency of the pigments for Microblading.
Image of the product 903 Pigment Vitalizer in a transparent bottle 903 Pigment Vitalizer - 15 ml Item No.: 903
The 903 Pigment Vitalizer gives the pigment extra suppleness and shine.