406 Ruby Red

REACH compliant pigment

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Our 406 Ruby Red is one of the most popular lip pigments and is suitable pure for all skin types. This striking, sophisticated rose shade highlights the lip at its best. Due to its 101 White components, 406 Ruby Red is a cooler PMU color. In areola pigmentation, 406 Ruby Red is suitable in small amounts as a mixing color for a 3D effect of the mamilla.

Mixing tip 1

Application area: Lip
For a youthful fresh look with rosy soft lips. Popular with women who want more color intensity for their everyday look.

Mixing tip 2

Application area: Lip
This blend is recommended for balancing lips with cool undertones.

Color: 406 Ruby Red
Skin type: black, very dark brown, brown, dark brown, olive, moderate brown
Chemical composition: blend (Mix)
Coverage: strong coverage
Color depth: cool
Area of application: Areola, Lip