301 Ultrablack

REACH compliant pigment

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301 Ultrablack is a very popular color used as the first layer and base for all eyeliner pigmentations. Due to its smooth consistency it's easy to incorporate and lasts very well in the delicate eyelid area. Use 301 Ultrablack pure and adjust the intensity of the result using suitable pigmentation techniques or additional sessions, instead of working with color blends. Achieve your desired result by adjusting the strength of the incorporation. Allow an 8-week break between two treatments. Eyeliner pigments are too intense to be used as blended colors for other treatments. Instead, rely on 207 Ebony Brown or 206 Cocoa Brown as an ash tone for blends.

Color: 301 Ultrablack
Skin type: black, very dark brown, brown, dark brown, light, fair, light brown, light to olive, olive, moderate brown, very light, pale white
Chemical composition: inorganic
Coverage: strong coverage
Color depth: cool
Area of application: Eyelid