SC naturebalm (brows and lips)

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For pigmented eyebrows and lips, we recommend the use of high-quality SC care sticks with sun protection factor 15 even before the first treatment.

The pigmentation of well-groomed, soft lip skin is thereby significantly facilitated and the result appears even better. This also has a positive effect on the regeneration time the skin off.

The contained sun protection factor 15 protects the pigmented regions from the harmful effects of the sun. Regular use of the care sticks not only cares for the skin, but also for the pigments. As a result, these stay in the skin much longer.

The extracts of Cardiospermum halicacabum promote cell regeneration. Consisting of a high-quality moisturizer and enriched with tri-peptides, these care sticks give the lips a smooth feeling and give them more volume. The SC naturebalm is transparent and can be used for eyebrow care as well as for the lips.

The Swiss Color care sticks are suitable for every skin type. Use the care sticks several times a day to protect the skin from drying out.