Decollete capes

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The decollete capes are made of cellulose and provide a hygienic workplace. There are 80 pieces on a roll for single use.

SC Aftercare Set SC Aftercare Set
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SC MedSkin SC MedSkin
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Small plastic bottle with skin repair cream SC aftercareX SC aftercareX
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Pipette bottle from the fron with the Vitamin C Essence Pure Vitamin C Essence
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Picture of the Microbrush® dispenser Microbrush®
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Pump bottle with the Balance Hydrating Cream Balance Hydrating Cream
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Pure Hyaluronic Essence in the pipette bottle Pure Hyaluronic Essence
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Small pump bottle including the product Gylcolic Exfoliator Glycolic Exfoliator 20%
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Inorganic Base Pigments Set Inorganic Base Pigments Set
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Organic Base Pigments Set Organic Base Pigments Set
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109 Black 109 Black
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106 Gold 106 Gold
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Hair Repair Set Hair Repair Set
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Lip Set Lip Set
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Startset Smart - Genius PRO 2.5 Startset Smart - Genius PRO 2.5
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Spray bottle with the product Pure Skin Antiseptic Pure Skin Antiseptic
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