Aftercare Cream Grazia

Representation of the Aftercare Cream Grazia in the small 5ml pots
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We recommend to apply the care cream Grazia 2-3 times a day after the pigmentation treatment approx. for 10 days. The care cream Grazia is a semi-solid W/O emulsion with a water content of about 30%. The contained vitamin E ensures that the pigmented area stays moist during the regeneration phase. Please use a clean cotton pad to apply the cream.

The cream Grazia 5 ml pots are particularly suitable for passing to your customers as homecare product.

The care cream Grazia is also available as cabine size in 250 ml. Please use the cream to remove spare pigments. Be sure to use a spatula and close the Grazia pot immediately after opening to avoid unintentional germination.

The cream Grazia is very suitable for removing spare pigments on the skin. The right care guarantees an optimal Permanent make up or Microblading treatment result!