Derma SR Liner

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Your professional device for maximum results with minimum space requirements. 

The new Derma SR Liner has a new, user-friendly design with a frame made of high-quality aluminum and an LED-illuminated glass touch surface. Despite its compact size, it is one of the most powerful and lowest-vibration devices on the market. Its high performance enables precise, skin-friendly needling for all dermaneedling treatments.

Product advantages

  • Powerful & low vibration
  • Space-saving and mobile use
  • Built-in treatment timer function
  • Adjustable speed
  • Incl. mains adapter and handpiece holder
  • Compatible with the Derma SR handpiece
  • 2-year product guarantee
Derma SR handpiece Derma SR handpiece
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103 Orange 103 Orange
from €36.00 *
107 Terra 107 Terra
€36.00 *
Image of the permanent make up device Swiss Liner Advance with a Genius handpiece Swiss Liner Advanced
from €1,953.00 * €2,790.00 *
Image of the permanent make up device Swiss Liner Smart Swiss Liner Smart
from €1,290.00 *
Blemish Control Set Blemish Control Set
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SC Box - Ready to Mix SC Box - Ready to Mix
€690.00 * €812.70 *
Pigment bottle with the pigment 104 Red 104 Red
from €62.00 *
Pigment bottle with the pigment 102 Yellow 102 Yellow
from €62.00 *
Illustration of the perfect Lip from Swiss Color to relieve lip pigmentations perfect Lip
from €5.90 *
Pump bottle with the Gentle Cream Cleanser Gentle Cream Cleanser
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Pump bottle with the pH Neutralizer pH Neutralizer
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Startset SC Genius FLEX 2.5 Startset SC Genius FLEX 2.5
€1,800.00 * €2,002.50 *
SC Aftercare Set SC Aftercare Set
from €18.50 *
Color card Color card
€1.20 *
Pure Hyaluronic Essence in the pipette bottle Pure Hyaluronic Essence
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Representation of the small pipette bottle with the permanent make up remover SC colorX SC colorX
€122.00 *
Startset Advanced - Classic Startset Advanced - Classic
€3,200.00 * €3,552.00 *