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Couperose Control Set Couperose Control Set Item No.: 32005
Improves inflammation in the skin and the appearance of couperose and is suitable for sensitive skin.
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Anti-Age Hydrating Set Anti-Age Hydrating Set Item No.: 32003
Set with anti-aging effect makes normal and combination skin look smoother and more youthful.
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Anti-Pigment Set Anti-Pigment Set Item No.: 32002
Combats existing pigment disorders and is suitable for all skin types with pigment irritations.
Prices after registration.
Anti-Age Firming Set Anti-Age Firming Set Item No.: 32004
The Anti-Age Firming Set with anti-aging effect is suitable for dry, mature skin.
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Blemish Control Set Blemish Control Set Item No.: 32001
Combats existing acne and brings impure, oily skin back into balance.
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