Surgical masks

Image of blue surgical mouth guard
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Protect yourself and your clients from bacterial infections during treatment with our breathable surgical mask. It covers both mouth and nose and is fixed at the ears by an elastic band, which offers a high wearing comfort.

Image of the facial cleanser from Swiss Color called SC Pure Skin SC Pure Skin
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Set with washing lotion, hand disinfection, disinfectant wipes, concentrate for surface disinfection and disinfectant solution in plastic containers Hygiene set
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Illustration of the 8 different products included in the anti-aging get-to know kit Derma SR Anti-Aging starter set
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Picture of two folded towels in black and white colors SC towel
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Five piece cotton pads packs Cotton pads
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Pipette bottle from the fron with the Vitamin C Essence Pure Vitamin C Essence
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Pump bottle with the Sensitive Repair Cream Sensitive Repair Cream
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Pump bottle with the Gentle Cream Cleanser Gentle Cream Cleanser
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Spray bottle from the front with the Hyaluronic Refresh Spray Hyaluronic Refresh Spray
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Cosmetic hair band Cosmetic hair band
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Image of the silver tweezers of Swiss Color Tweezers
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Image of the black SC Eyeliner SC Eyeliner black
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Bottle with Keratin Repair Conditioner from the front Keratin Repair Conditioner
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Anti-Age Hydrating Set Anti-Age Hydrating Set
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Picture of the Microbrush® dispenser Microbrush®
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Large pump bottle with the Balance Massage Cream Balance Massage Cream
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Little pump bottle with the Instant Lift Fluid Instant Lift Fluid
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Pump bottle with Vitamin C Repair Fluid from Derma SR Vitamin C Repair Fluid
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Anti aging peel off mask in large plastic cream Anti-Aging Peel off Mask
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