Hygiene Cartridge Explorer Kit

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When searching for the best hygiene cartridges for the job you are doing, experience is your best teacher. Explore the benefits of some cartridges you may not have seen before and expand your creative options. The Hygiene Cartridge Explorer Kit - versatile, exciting and affordable!


  • SC Genius Cartridges
    • 1x 1-nano NT (Exact needle guidance through the nano tube fixed needle. For finest contours and hairlines. Recommended for beginers.)
    • 1x 3-liner (The increase to the 3-outline in contour width. For strong hairlines, lash line and lip smoothing.)
    • 1x 3-nano spread (Flexible, spaced needles enable brush-like shading techniques such as Pixel or Powder Brows, Liplights and other accents.)
    • 1x 5-shader (Coarser shading in a leopard-like look for pixel looks on eyebrows and lips; PMU removal)
    • 1x 5-nano slope (Digital blading for fine hairs, complex shading techniques for eyebrows, lip and areola, and eyeliner with shading.)
  • 1x Universal practice mat