Startset Microblading PRO #12 and #18U

Startset Microblading PRO #12 and #18U
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The Microblading PRO starter set offers the full basic equipment for a successful future as a microblading stylist. The set contains two handpieces with the matching #12 flexi and #18U mircoblades and eight different Swiss Color Brow pigments. To make pre-drawing easier, the starter set includes a perfect Contour Pencil including pencil Sharpening and perfect Brow Rulers.

The set contains:

  • 8x Swiss Color Brow pigments à 10ml
  • Item No. 902 Pigment Performer
  • Item No. 1705 Microblading Pen Pro (stainless steel)
  • Item No. 1704 Microblading Pen Light (made of aluminium)
  • Item No. 1192 perfect Brow Ruler 20 pcs./pack
  • Item No. 1701 Micro Blades #12 flexi à 25 pieces
  • Item No. 1702 Micro Blades #18U flexi à 25 pieces
  • Item No. V11 perfect Contour Pencil
  • Item No. V15 pencil Sharpening
  • Item No. 1193 Brow Trimmer