Blemish Control Set

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Blemished / Oily skin The Blemish Control Set combats existing acne and brings impure, oily... more

Blemished / Oily skin
The Blemish Control Set combats existing acne and brings impure, oily skin back into balance. The facial skin is soothed by normalising sebum production and minimising reddened areas. Simultaneously, the skin is provided with plenty of moisture. When used regularly, new skin impurities and acne manifestations are reduced.

The set contains:

Pure Gel Cleanser, 30 ml

Cleansing gel to balance the pH value of the skin. The skin is completely cleansed by mild tensides and prepared perfectly for the further treatment. Due to the mild formula, the application is suitable for all skin types. Also for the daily removal of make up.

BHA Peeling Mask, 30 ml

The gentle peeling is based on a beta-hydroxy acid and is suitable for all skin types. Especially for sensitive and reddened skin like acne, psoriasis and rosacea. The peeling mask removes dead skin cells, is deeply cleansing and provides balance for oily skin.

Blemish Control Essence, 7ml

Skin impurities can be actively combated with this product based on special combinations of various medicinal herbs. The essence is an antibacterial moisturizer and regulates sebum production in oily skin. Panthenol provides moisture and stimulates the cell renewal.

Balance Mattifying Fluid, 15 ml

Matting facial fluid for day & night. The DMS® cream base contains skin-identical ingredients which care for the skin and protects from external influences. Hyaluronic acid offers a lot of moisture, matrixyl tightens the skin and improves collagen production.

Purifying Silver Mask, 15 ml

Gentle cream mask based on clay in combination with high-quality silver. White clay has a purifying and calming effect and removes toxins. Highly dosed panthenol and microsilver as silver essence have a calming and skin regenerating effect.